7th WCCT

7th WCCT

7th World Chess Composition Tourney

Call for Themes

At the meeting of the PCCC in Pula (September
2000) it was decided to ask composers to suggest themes for the next (7th)
World Chess Composition Tourney (WCCT). Please submit your suggested theme(s),
including example(s), preferably by the end of this year (31 December 2000),
to Uri Avner (address below). All themes submitted will be considered by
the WCCT sub-committee during next year, and a final selection will be
made at its meeting in the Netherlands in 2001. The event will then be

WCCT Sections: 2-movers, 3-movers, more-movers,
studies, selfmates, helpmates, fairies.

We offer the following guidelines, drawn up by
the WCCT sub-committee.

A theme that is suitable for the WCCT should:

(i) be not too easy, but at the same
time not so hard as to discourage less talented composers;

(ii) offer scope for imaginative settings and,
ideally, originality;

(iii) allow the composer to introduce strategic

Address for the submission of your themes:

By air mail:
Uri Avner
16 Hazamir St.
IL-52596 Ramat Gan

By e-mail: uriavner@netvision.net.il

(Tel: +972-3-7527107)

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