ICCU – Letter to Delegates

ICCU – Letter to Delegates


Dear PCCC Delegates,

As stated in my message to you from March 25th, a recent initiative of the
FIDE is to regard our PCCC not any more as a commission within FIDE, but as
an independent organization.

A PCCC Presidium meeting was held in Bratislava at the end of March to discuss
this issue, among others, with the participation of Uri Avner (President), Hannu
Harkola (1st VP), Marko Klasinc (2nd VP), Kjell Widlert (3rd VP, via email),
Klaus Wenda (HP and advisor) and Guenter Buesing (Secretary).

The Presidium found no reason to contest the above FIDE decision, as, in reality,
this reflects the de facto situation of PCCC independence as it has been for
the last half-century. Moreover, this status may well be to our advantage and
open up new horizons for developing our activity.

In accordance with this realization, all our ongoing activities and past decisions
as well as our Statutes and the election of our Presidium at Wageningen 2006
will remain valid exactly as before.

These conclusions are supported and adopted not only by your President and
all Presidium members, but also by all three Honorary Presidents – Klaus Wenda,
Bedrich Formanek and John Rice.

In our independent status we shall strive to maintain mutual respect, as well
as direct and friendly relationship with FIDE in accordance with our Statutes.
In the situation where no prior conditions are imposed by either side, we may
choose to become affiliated to FIDE. We have every reason to expect the FIDE
to recognize our past as well as future titles.

Our independent organization will register, probably in Switzerland, under
the name of: "International Chess Composition Union" (ICCU), if approved
by the Commission on its next meeting. This name was carefully selected and
confirmed as very appropriate by our English speaking friends. Its abbreviation
does not collide with that of any other chess organization.

Will ALL members please let me know (as soon as possible but no later than
the end of April) if the above change will affect their membership of the PCCC?
In other words, do you intend to continue your membership of the PCCC (now ICCU
as provisional name) in its contemporary state of independence?

My thanks for the encouragement and good advice received from so many of you
in this transitional and challenging period.

Best wishes to all,

Uri Avner
PCCC/ICCU President

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