14th International Solving Contest: Final Results

Final results for the 14th International Solving Contest are published!

46 tournaments in 31 countries, 602 solvers from 33 countries.

Results and the winners:

  • Category 1 (269 solvers): Piotr Murdzia (POL), Anna Bylinkina (RUS), Kacper Piorun (POL)
  • Category 2 (116 solvers): Rajagopal Divyalakshmi (IND), Yaroslav Dektyarev (RUS), Lukas Muheim (SUI)
  • Category 3 (217 solvers): Ekaterina Kirdyashkina (RUS), Chinguun Sumiya (MGL), Yana Kostornichenko (RUS)

Solvers have the possibility of appeals to the central controllers until 25th of February according the rules.

Axel Steinbrink, Luc Palmans – Central controllers ISC 2018

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