Solvers’ ratings October 1st 2023

Solvers’ ratings as of October 1st 2023 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published on the WFCC Solving Portal.
Only 4 tournaments of the 3rd quarter 2023 are included: 5th Ukrainian Cup 2023, 31st Czech Chess Solving Championship 2023, Open Solving Tournament of WCCC 2023, 46th World Chess Solving Championship 2023.
Ranking of the top ten solvers: Ural Khasanov (FID) moved up 4 places from 9th to 5th place and Aleksey Popov moved up 7 places from 15th to 8th place!
Largest five gains: women junior Anna Shukhman, FID (+123), junior Nikita Ushakov, FID (+111.34), women junior Daria Dvoeglazova, ISR (+85.84), junior Egor Sokolov, FID (+77.62), Kacper Piorun, POL (+70.78).

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