Solvers’ ratings April 1st 2023

Solvers’ ratings as of April 1st 2023 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published on the WFCC Solving Portal.
6 tournaments of the 1st quarter 2023 are included: 19th International Solving Contest 2023 Cat 1, 19th International Solving Contest 2023 Cat 2, 44th Finnish Chess Solving Championship 2023, 28th Dutch Open Chess Solving Championship 2023, 46th International Polish Championship 2023, 31st Branko Atanacković Memorial 2023.
Ranking of the top ten solvers: former World Champion Kacper Piorun overtook John Nunn and Eddy Van Beers from the 7th to the 5th place, and Boris Tummes passed Marko Filipović from the 11th to the 10th place.
Largest five gains: Arvydas Mockus, LTU (+81.89), junior Kevinas Kuznecovas, LTU (+52.36), women junior Kamila Hryshchenko, GBR (+40.05), Tomoki Kurokawa, JPN (+31.55), Andrii Sergiienko, UKR (+29.70).

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