62nd WCCC – Highlights and Decisions

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62nd World Congress of Chess Composition

Vilnius, Lithuania
August 17 – 24, 2019



26 member countries were present. United Arab Emirates was welcomed as a new member country of the Federation. Neal Turner was appointed as the new secretary.

WCCT: The themes of the 11th WCCT were selected. Countries are urged to inform the spokesman Georgy Evseev, 10wcct@gmail.com (same email address as in the previous tournament) and the director of the tournament Mikalai Sihnevich, n_signevich@tut.by about the sections they are willing to judge. The deadline is 1 November 2019. It is hoped that the WCCT can be announced by the end of the year.

WCCI: Anatoly Slesarenko’s appeal was not supported. The assembly did not find a justification for re-calculating the score of a single entry based on a different formula (and thus for introducing a significant change to the final results). The assembly was also of the opinion that disciplinary actions should not be imposed upon the judge based on a single case. Valery Kopyl (UKR) will be the Director of the 8th WCCI. As there were no candidates or volunteers for the WCCI committee spokesman position, Dmitry Turevsky will act as a current deputy spokesman.

FIDE Album: The 2013-15 album was available in the congress as scheduled. Judges of the 2016-18 album have received all the material and started working.

The suggestion of Crisan/Loustau/Parrinello regarding changes in the judging phase schedule was not supported by the assembly.

Solving: Changes were agreed in the rules of ISC and WCSC/ECSC. Re. ISC in particular, it was decided that the category 2 tournament will be eligible for rating and solvers with current rating less than 2000 can participate. The new rating system, as proposed by the committee, was accepted and will be effective starting with the next rating list. Roland Ott will be the director of World Solving Cup 2019-2020. Luc Palmans, Roland Ott and Axel Steinbrink have compiled a “Guidebook” with instructions and guidelines to the directors of rated solving tournaments. The final version of this “Guidebook” will be published on the WFCC website and a translation to Russian is planned. When the directors register their solving tournament, they will receive this “Guidebook”.

Studies: Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen was appointed as new spokesman of the committee. The committee suggested and the assembly agreed that the following change in the instructions to the FIDE Album judges should be made: “If a study arrives, during the solution, to a position of 7 pieces or less; and especially if it starts with 7 pieces or less, the judge is advised to base his score on his evaluation of the human contribution to the EGTB position, and on the amount of comprehensibility of the study to humans.” The committee also suggested that in the next WCCI, judges should not be participating in the championship; the matter was left for future consideration.

New titles:

  • International Grandmaster of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: János Csák (HUN), Evgeny Fomichev (RUS), Juraj Lörinc (SVK), Sven Trommler (GER), Kjell Widlert (SWE)

  • International Master of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Silvio Baier (GER), Ofer Comay (ISR), Nicolas Dupont (FRA), Ralf Krätschmer (GER), Vasil Markovtsy (UKR), Pavel Murashev (RUS)

  • FIDE Master for Chess Compositions: Mikhail Khramtsevich (BLR), Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (DEN), Árpád Rusz (ROU), Anatoly Skripnik (RUS), Vladislav Tarasyuk (UKR)

  • International Solving Grandmaster of the FIDE: Piotr Górski (POL)

  • International Solving Master of the FIDE: Aleksey Popov (RUS)

  • FIDE Solving Master: Mordechay Chovnik (ISR), Danila Moiseev (RUS)

  • International Judge of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Viktor Zaitsev (BLR, helpmates)

16th International Solving Contest (ISC) on 26.1.2020, directors Axel Steinbrink and Luc Palmans.

15th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Poltava, Ukraine 24-26 April 2020

63rd World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 44th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) in Rhodes, Greece 3-10 October 2020.

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