ISC 2023 – FINAL results

19th International Solving Contest (ISC) 29th January 2023

We had 38 tournaments in 26 countries and 601 solvers (+15 unofficial solvers in cat-3) – 181 solvers in cat-1, 172 solvers in cat-2 and 248 solvers in cat-3. Thank you to all local controllers for their excellent work and good cooperation and congratulations to the winners. If you find any mistakes in the tables (e.g. wrong written names, wrong gender, …) please let me know. I will correct such mistakes.
Special thanks to Borislav Gadjanski for his daily updates of the results on the MatPlus-website, to Miodrag Mladenovic who entered all results from those local controllers who did not use STM for this and also to Luc Palmans and Ivan Denkovski who helped a lot with the selection of the problems. – Axel Steinbrink, Central Controller of ISC 2023

ISC 2023 Winners | Category 1 (181 solver) | Category 2 (172 solvers) | Category 3 (248 solvers)
Problems CAT1 – CAT2 – CAT3 | Solutions CAT1 – CAT2 – CAT3

See the ISC 2023 presentation and all previous ISC competitions in the section: Competitions -> Solving -> International Solving Contest

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