ISC 2019 – preliminary results

“Now we have the completed preliminary results of the ISC 2019. The reports of the Solving Tournament Manager (STM): Preliminary results Cat.1Preliminary results Cat.2Preliminary results Cat.3

This year we had 648 solvers (cat-1 261, cat-2 151, cat-3 236) from 48 countries and 49 tournaments in 33 countries.

Thank you to all local controllers. You make this tournament to a great success.

I want to give a special thank to

  • Misha Mladenovic who entered all the results of cat-2 and cat-3 into the STM for those tournaments where the local controller didn’t use the STM and also for all help concerning the STM in general.
  • Luc Palmans for selecting most of the problems and for the excellent preparing of problem and solution sheets.
  • Borislav Gadjanski for his help with all activities concerning Mat Plus
  • Julia Vysotska who improved the solving sheets before the tournament (and for her great help with the results of UAE).
  • all Local controllers who used the STM for their results “

Axel Steinbrink, Central controller of ISC 2019.

15th ISC problems and solutions:
Problems cat.1 | Problems cat.2 | Problems cat.3 | Solutions cat.1 | Solutions cat.2 | Solutions cat.3

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