Call for judges

Call for judges

A Call for Judges for


As the director of the WCCI 1998-2000 I still don’t
have all judges for all groups. I need some more names. If anyone (if possible
with the title of the International Judge of the FIDE) has no intention
to participate as a competitor in some particular group(s) I am asking
him to be a judge in this group(s). The number of  problems in each
group will be much lower than for the Album FIDE tournaments because every
composer is limited to four to six problems for a group. The groups are
standard: #2, #3, #n, studies, helpmates, selfmates, fairies and retro
problems. Only the selfmate group is complete.

Please respond to this call! If you do then please
inform me for which group(s) are you willing to participate as the judge.
Send me your e-mail and normal addresses.

Thank you for your co-operation.

You can write me to the e-mail address:
or to the normal address:

Marko Klasinc
Nusdorferjeva 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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