WCCI 2001-2003 Invitation for judging

WCCI 2001-2003 Invitation for judging


Invitation for judging

I inform you as the spokesman of the WCCI–subcommittee of the PCCC that the World Championship in Composing for Individuals 2001 – 2003 will be officially announced during the Moscow congress in July 2003. Preliminary announcement was accepted in Pula 2000.

General rules of the WCCI were also accepted
in Pula 2000.

Some important points:

The WCCI includes the following sections: a) Twomovers, b) Threemovers, c)
Moremovers, d) Endgame studies, e) Helpmates, f) Selfmates, g) Fairies and
h) Retro problems.

A composer may send in each section a maximum of six compositions, published
in the years 2001-2003. Three judges in each section will grade the entries.
The sum of a composer’s four best compositions will be calculated for his
final result.

Only competent judges, with the title "International Judge of the FIDE for
Chess Composition" will be invited to make the awards.

The judge cannot participate as competitor in his section, but he is free
to enter all other sections.

International judges for chess compositions are invited to take part as judges
in WCCI 2001-2003. They are asked to let me know in which section(s) they are
willing to judge. Reputable composers experienced in judging but without the
title international judge are invited, too.

The WCCI-subcommittee intends to complete all the details before the Moscow
congress. In this case the final invitation with the complete list of judges
could be accepted there.

Your answers are expected as soon as possible (positive or negative). Please
draw attention to this notice to the other judges.

Marko Klasinc
Spokesman of the WCCI-subcommittee
e-mail address: marko.klasinc@guest.arnes.si

The recommendation of the President of the PCCC-FIDE Mr. John Rice from 28th May
2003 is enclosed:

The WCCI has been established as a means of identifying "World Champions"
for the composition of chess problems and studies. It depends for its success
on the willingness of experts to act as judges. Judging is a responsible task,
but also an enjoyable and rewarding one, and I very much hope that those who
are approached will feel able to accept an invitation to judge in the WCCI

John Rice
President, FIDE PCCC

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