PCCC meeting 2002

PCCC meeting 2002


45th Meeting of the Permanent Commission 
of the FIDE for Chess Compositions 
in Portoroz (Slovenia)
August 31st – September 7th, 2002

    29 member countries were present.

    President Bedrich Formánek (Slovakia),
    secretary Günter Büsing (Germany).

    New Presidium:

    • President John Rice (Great
    • 1st Vice-President Hannu Harkola (Finland)
    • 2nd Vice-President Uri Avner (Israel)
    • 3rd Vice-President Kjell Widlert (Sweden)
    • Secretary Paul Valois (Great Britain)


    The World Champions in Composing 1998-2000 are

    • 2-movers: Viktor Chepizny, Russia
    • 3-movers: Mikhail Marandjuk, Ukraine
    • moremovers: Mikhail Marandjuk, Ukraine
    • studies: David Gurgenidge, Georgia
    • helpmate: Zivko Janevski, Macedonia
    • selfmates: Petko Petkov, Bulgaria
    • fairies: Petko Petkov, Bulgaria
    • retro problems: Alexandr Kisljak, Ukraine


    Many sections for the FIDE-Album 1995-97 are
    ready and the results can be seen on this site.
    Until now only studies (new) and retros are available.

New titles:

  • International Solving Grandmaster: Michel
    Caillaud (France), Graham Lee (Great Britain), Piotr Murdzia (Poland)
  • International Solving Master: Eddy van Beers
    (Belgium), Peter van den Heuvel (Netherlands), Herbert Lang (Germany), Markus
    Ott (Switzerland), Ladislav Salai jr (Slovakia), Henry Tanner (Finland)
  • FIDE Solving Master: Emil Klemanic (Slovakia),
    Thomas Maeder (Switzerland), Bogusz Piliczewski (Poland), Zbigniew Szczep
  • International Judge: Zoran Gavrilovski (Macedonia)

    Next meeting : July 26th – August 2nd, 2003
    Moscow, Russia, hotel Ukraine


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