PCCC meeting 2001

PCCC meeting 2001

44th Meeting of the Permanent Commission 
of the FIDE for Chess Compositions 
in Wageningen (the Netherlands) July 28 – August 4, 2001

    29 member countries were present.

    President Bedrich Formánek (Slovakia),
    secretary Günter Büsing (Germany).

    7th World Chess Composition Tournament (WCCT)
    will be conducted by Makedonia, Zivko Janevski as the director.
    It will be announced soon, but the themes were selected
    and are available here

    The 6th WCCT has been finished.

    FIDE-Album 1992-94 has been published.
    The selections for the FIDE-Album 1995-97 can
    be seen on this site when they are ready. Until now only retros are available.

    New titles:

      Grandmaster for  Chess Compositions:
      Virgil Nestorescu (Rumania)

      International Master for Chess Compositions:
      Harry Fougiaxis (Greece), Camillo Gamnitzer (Austria), Hubert Gockel (Germany),
      Peter Gvozdjak (Slovakia), Viacheslav Kopaev (Russia), Zdravko Maslar (Germany),
      Viktor Sizonenko (Ukraine), Colin Sydenham (Great Britain)

      FIDE master for Chess Compositions: Pavel
      Arestov (Russia), Amatzia Avni (Israel), Wieland Bruch (Germany), Andrei
      Frolkin (Ukraine), Jurij Gorbatenko (Russia), Martin Hoffmann (Switzerland),
      Günther Jahn (Germany), Christer Jonsson (Sweden), Vladimir Kos (Czech
      Rep.), Marek Kwiatkowski (Poland), Gerhard Maleika (Germany), Nikita Plaksin
      (Russia), Christian Poisson (France), Aleksandr Postnikov (Ukraine), Manfred
      Rittirsch (Germany), Jacques Rotenberg (France), Sergej Sacharov (Russia),
      Francesco Simoni (Italy), Nikos Siotis (Greece), Donald Smedley (Great
      Britain), Marcel Tribowski (Germany)

      International Solving Grandmaster: Noam
      Elkies (Israel)

      FIDE Solving Master: Eddy van Beers (Belgium),
      David Gurgenidze (Georgia), Michael McDowell (Great Britain), Wilfried
      Neef (Germany)

      International Judge: Harold van der Heijden
      (the Netherlands) eg; Mario Parrinello (Italy) 2#, a#; Vladimir Sychec
      (Belarus) 2#, 3#; Valeriu Petrovici (Rumania) 2#, i#


    Next meetings :

    • 2002 Portoroz, Slovenia
    • 2003 Truskavets, Ukraine

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