WCCC Moscow 2003 – advance information

WCCC Moscow 2003 – advance information


46th World Congress for Chess Composition
Advance information

1. Dates confirmed as 26 July – 2 August 2003.

2. Venue confirmed as Hotel Ukraina.

3. Organising committee will be: Jakov Vladimirov (Russian Delegate),
Andrei Selivanov and his wife Olga.

4. A website will be set up in January with details of the event.

5. Costs: $45 per person per night for bed & breakfast, sharing
a double room; $65 for single room. Meals per person: midday $12, evening $11.
The same room rates will apply for periods before and after the WCCC.

6. Payments to be made in dollars; other currencies to be converted
to roubles before payment. The organising committee is investigating the possibility
of paying by credit card. If this is allowable, it will be announced on the

7. Transport from airport to hotel: taxi is recommended, costing between
$30 and $40.

8. Official invitation will be sent to Delegates in February 2003, with
details of how to book (also to be shown on the website). Once an individual
has made a booking, a personalised invitation will be sent to facilitate visa

9. Visas: no difficulty is expected, because the Hotel Ukraina is a
recognised tourist hotel. Applications for visas should be accompanied by full
personal details, travel arrangements and details and dates of accommodation
and event.

10. The programme for the WCCC will follow the usual pattern, with events
similar to those arranged at other meetings. There will be 3 sessions of the
Commission, most probably on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, with time allowed
for meetings of the sub-committees.

11. The WCSC will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday 29-30 July. The Director
will be Bo Lindgren. The Open Solving will be on Monday 28 July.

12. A reception will be held for all those attending, probably at the
Central Chess Club.

13. Tourneys: various "official" composing tourneys will be
held, with details announced on the website from 1 July. Details of "unofficial"
tourneys should be sent to the organisers by 15 July for inclusion in the introductory


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