3. Pr. "Die Schwalbe"

2 #              5+2

    1.Lf4? (2.Sxf6# A)
    1.- Ke4 2.Dc4# B
    1.- f5!
    1.Le2? (2.Dc4# B)
    1.- Ke4 2.Dd3# C
    1.- Ke6!
    1.Ld7! (2.Dd3# C)
    1.- Ke4 2.Sxf6# A

    Cyclic le Grand-theme, K-flight

    Le Grand-theme: In two phases of play, the threat
    and the reply to a prominent black defence
    are interchanged. (John Rice: "Chess Wizardry: The
    New ABC of Chess Problems", 1996)


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