Solution to the 3-mover

Solution to the 3-mover

Henk & Piet le Grand
1st place 6th WCCT 1996-2000
Section B (3-movers)

3 #             

    The theme in section B was: "The same line is guarded by two black
    line-moving pieces (T+T or D+L or D+T). In at least two variations, self
    interferences occur on this line, either at Black’s first move or at Black’s
    second move."

    Solution: 1.Dc7! (2.Dxd6+ Kf7 3.Lxg6#) 1.- Ld4 2.Lg4+ Lf2 3.c4#, 1.-
    Lf4 2.c4+ Le5 3.Lg4# (2.- Kxf5 3.Sxd6#)

    "The combination of black interference amd self-pins with consecutive
    shut-offs makes this the most attractive problem in the tourney, even though
    there are only two thematic variations. It was an ingenious idea to have
    the black bishop reinforcing the black rooks control of the batteries.
    Impeccable construction. A flight is thrown in during one of the thematic
    variations, and there is a difficult quiet continuation in the by-play
    (1.- g5 2.Sh6 3.Dg7,Dxd6#)."

    Robin C. O. Matthews

of the 6th WCCT

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