52nd PCCC Rio de Janeiro

52nd Meeting of the Permanent Commission  for Chess Compositions (International Chess Composition Union) in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) October 10-17, 2009

26 member countries were present. New member is Argentina, delegate Roberto Osorio. President Uri Avner (Israel), secretary Günter Büsing (Germany).

The Statutes were modified to match the new independent status. New Statutes will be prepared for the next meeting my a subcommittee. The new name was not accepted, but International Chess Composition Union (ICCU) will be used as a temporary name.

The booklet containing the results of 8th WCCT has been printed and distributed to the team captains.

New titles:

  • Grandmaster for Chess Composition: Uri Avner (Israel) and Andrej Selivanov (Russia). Camillo Gamnitzer has also received the GM points and will receive the title. This was not noticed in Rio!
  • International Master for Chess Composition: Andrej Frolkin (Ukraine).
  • FIDE Master for Chess Compositions: Valeri Kirillov (Russia), Andrej Kornilov (Ukraine), Frank Richter (Germany), Michael Schreckenbach (Germany), Alexandr Semenenko (Ukraine), Boris Sorokhov (Russia), Arno Tüngler (Germany) and Marko Ylijoki (Finland).
  • International Judge: Ilham Aliev (Azerbaijan) and Michal Hlinka (Slovakia) both for endgame studies.
  • International Grandmaster for Solving: Eddy van Beers (Belgium) and Vladimir Podinic (Serbia).
  • FIDE Solving Master: Piotr Gorski (Poland), Kacper Piorun (Poland), Aleksey Solovchuk (Ukraine).

The last sentence in paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Codex was modified.

9th WCCT will be announced hopefully before the next congress. Director Harry Fougiaxis (Greece). Theme proposals to Uri Avner as soon as possible, latest 15.4.2010.

WCCI 2006-2009 will be announced quickly. Director Mike Prcic (USA). Closing date 1.7.2010.

FIDE-Album 2001-2003 is late and expected to appear in February 2010. Album 2007-2009: announcement 1.1.2010, closing date 1.10.2010, most directors and judges have been nominated.

Next World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) in Hersonissos – Heraklio of Crete (Greece) in early October (or late September) 2010. 6th International Solving Contest (ISC) 24.1.2010, director Peter Bakker. 6th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Sunningdale, Great Britain 9.-12.4.2010 (competition 10.-11.4.10).



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