8th WCCT – Q & A 6

8th WCCT – Q & A 6

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Questions and Answers 6

General note concerning WCCT Rules

The following is a (two part) question regarding twinning in Section G (fairies):

1. Is twinning (a) Anticirce type Calvet (b) Anticirce type Cheylan allowed?
2. Assuming a position with only 1 fairy unit on the board, say Lion e5, is
twinning (a) Lion e5 (b) Leo e5 allowed?

Reply: According to paragraph 5 of the Rules, twinning is not allowed unless
otherwise specified (the Helpmates theme is such an exception). This rule
applies for every section of the WCCT.

Remark: the clause "both Calvet and Cheylan Anti-circe types are permitted"
in theme G comes to mean that either Calvet or Cheylan is permitted.
Of course the same problem may comply with both, but both as twins are
not allowed.

Important: Please note that the reply above has to do with the general rules
of the WCCT. All team captains, please make sure that you and your country’s
composers are aware of the general rules of the 8th

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