8th WCCT – h# examples

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Prior realizations of the thematic requirements in helpmates


Thomas Maeder has searched 36 helpmates from the PDB database. They are split up into two URLs for easier viewing:

1st 18 | 2nd 18

Here are the URLs for your information:

http://www.softdecc.com/pdb/search.pdb?expression=PROBID=’P0505877′ OR PROBID=’P0528601′
OR PROBID=’P0556150′ OR PROBID=’P0506286′ OR PROBID=’P0506799′ OR PROBID=’P0506884′
OR PROBID=’P0567867′ OR PROBID=’P0557852′ OR PROBID=’P0562265′ OR PROBID=’P0564164′
OR PROBID=’P0561082′ OR PROBID=’P0562342′ OR PROBID=’P0563580′ OR PROBID=’P0564062′
OR PROBID=’P0506219′ OR PROBID=’P0513973′ OR PROBID=’P0560076′ OR PROBID=’P0561080′

http://www.softdecc.com/pdb/search.pdb?expression=PROBID=’P0500509′ OR PROBID=’P0548943′
OR PROBID=’P0557314′ OR PROBID=’P0521693′ OR PROBID=’P0532391′ OR PROBID=’P0505124′
OR PROBID=’P0521770′ OR PROBID=’P0506194′ OR PROBID=’P0559889′ OR PROBID=’P0564128′
OR PROBID=’P0570004′ OR PROBID=’P0564795′ OR PROBID=’P0502783′ OR PROBID=’P0505703′
OR PROBID=’P0571601′ OR PROBID=’P0530004′ OR PROBID=’P0548871′ OR PROBID=’P0527902′

  • There are no problems more recent than 1999 for technical reasons (only
    the problems that were on the PDB CD distributed in Andernach 1999 have been
  • Realisations which seemed trivial have been deliberately discarded.

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