16th ECSC Bratislava – final presentation

14 teams and 75 individuals (2 unofficial without rating calculations) from 18 countries participated in the 16th ECSC.
The three top teams: Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia
The three top individuals: Kacper Piorun (Poland), Piotr Murdzia (Poland),  Eddy Van Beers (Belgium)

European championships are returning to their traditional annual rhythm. We are happy that Bratislava was able to welcome the top European chess solvers. Many thanks to the ECSC director Marko Klasinc and the OPEN director Marián Križovenský. Bohumil Moravčík selected the problems for the OPEN, the selection of ECSC problems was made by Marko Klasinc. A lot of credit for the smooth running of the championship goes to Axel Steinbrink, who helped the directors in both tournaments. Ján Golha and Emil Klemanič assisted the directors also”
.… [see more]
– Marek Kolčák, member of the 16th ECSC organizing committee

See the whole ECSC 2023 presentation with the results, problems, solutions of the 16.ECSC and the competitions held in the frames of it.

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