OSCY 2024-1 – Winners

Winners across all age groups of the WFCC Online Solving Challenge for Youth 1st round were:

  • Classical: Maksim Kharitonov ahead of Nikita Ushakov, Danila Pavlov and Viktoriya Kharitonova
  • Blitz: Danila Pavlov ahead of Maksim Kharitonov, Daniel Dumitrescu and Grigory Filin

all with 100% scores (Maksim & Danila were the quicker). There were 34 solvers in each discipline.

Age group winners were:

9-10Luka TyrtyshnikovLuka Tyrtyshnikov12 & 84
11-12Viktoriya KharitonovaTimur Parpiev30 & 96
13-14Maksim KharitonovMaksim Kharitonov30 & 100
15-16Nikita UshakovAnirudh Daga30 & 96
17-18Nikolay ZhuginDaniel Dumitrescu28.7 & 100
19-20Maxim RomanovIlija Serafimovic25 & 97
21-23Danila PavlovDanila Pavlov30 & 100

More details are published in Competitions >> Solving and at http://www.ihandicap.mobi/oscy/

Highlights of Challenge 1 were the success of the Kharitonov family (which featured three 100% scores) and the most welcome presence of World Champion Danila Pavlov who, in the Blitz round, rattled off 20 correct solutions in 7 minutes. Africa were well represented by solvers from Morocco and Nigeria; with Youssef Kozizi achieving a great score in the Blitz and Lovelyn Agbo so determined to complete the Blitz round that she went to the trouble of downloading a replacement browser in place of her mischievous Chrome version.

Technically, nearly everything went according to plan, with almost all obstacles overcome. The Blitz scoring system worked particularly well. The strength of the strongest was much higher than expected (with many at WCSC level), so problems in future challenges could be made a little tougher.

OSCY Challenge 2 will be held on Sunday 10/3/2024 at 12:30 (your Local time).

Brian Cook, OSCY Director

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