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PAvlovDAnila17th International Solving Contest (ISC) 24th January 2021

This year the ISC suffered under the circumstances of the Corona-pandemic. In many countries it was not possible to organize a tournament. But not only the pandemic led to less tournaments and solvers but also very low temperatures in Siberia (-47°C in Nizhnevartovsk) and the consequences of a severe earthquake in Croatia three weeks ago. The results of Nizhnevartovsk (the solvers solved at home) you can find as unofficial solvers at the bottom of the tables.

Finally there were 30 tournaments in 10 countries (20 tournaments in Russia). While in cat-1 it was an international contest (but only 49 solvers compared with 202 solvers last year) the contest in cat-2 and cat-3 could be also called “Russian Solving Contests” with only a few solvers from other countries.

Results: Category 1 | Category 2 | Category 3 | Statistics ISC TOP 100

Because in cat-3 the prizes for the best three solvers in the overall-category were all won by girls (perhaps an influence of the “Queen’s Gambit”?) we decided not to have special prizes for the girls but for the best boys.

At the same date there was also a home-solving tournament organized with the problems of the ISC with some top solvers. You can see the results on

Congratulations to the winner Danila Pavlov on his first ISC win with full points and nearly the best time.

I want to give a special thank to

  • Ivan Denkovski who selected most of the problems
  • Luc Palmans for preparing the problem and solution sheets
  • Borislav Gadjanski for the daily update of the results on the Mat Plus website
  • All local controllers for their work (most of them used STM for the results)
  • Oleg Efrosinin who coordinated 11 tournaments in Russia with more than 40% of all solvers

Axel Steinbrink, Central Controller of ISC 2021

See more on the presentation page of ISC 2021 Results with a gallery of participants

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