FIDE Album 2019-2021 Announcement

FIDE Album 2019-2021

The World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC) invites composers to submit their highest-quality compositions for selection in the FIDE Album. Entry is open to compositions published during the years 2019-2021. For informal tourneys the date of publication of the issue containing the composition is decisive; for formal tourneys the date of appearance of the award is decisive (NB: not the closing date of the tourney).

If a composition has been published in a magazine which is labelled 2018 on the front but it appeared in 2019-2021, the composition is eligible for the 2019-21 album provided that the composer had not submitted the composition to the 2016-18 album.

If a composition has been published in a magazine which is labelled 2021 on the front but it appeared in 2022, the composition is eligible for the 2019-21 album provided that the magazine was published before the deadline for submission to the 2019-21 album.

If a composition has been published in a magazine which is labelled 2022 on the front but it appeared in 2021, the composition is not eligible for the 2019-21 album.

If the date of publication is in doubt, the directors should ask the composer for evidence.

Anyone entering compositions by another living composer should obtain the agreement of that composer beforehand. Compositions by deceased composers may be entered unless it is known that the deceased composers would not be willing to contribute their compositions to the Album. A composer is entitled to submit joint compositions even if his co-author(s) disagree. (update 04.02.2022)

Those who published large numbers of compositions during this period are strongly urged to make a selection consisting of only their very best work.

A composer may submit to each of the 8 sections (A: twomovers, B: threemovers, C: moremovers, D: endgame studies, E: helpmates, F: selfmates, G: fairies, H: retros) no more than 30 compositions published in the defined three-year period, or up to 3 times the number of his/her compositions that were selected in this section in any previously published album, whichever is greater.

With regard to joint compositions, if a composer A includes in his PDF file joint compositions with some other composer B, then these compositions count for the quota of composer A only (and not for the quota of composer B).

Entries must be sent to the directors by email and in PDF format only.

In section D (endgame studies) composers must also submit a PGN file of their entries.

In section G (fairies) composers must provide the definitions for the less common fairy elements.

In each section composers have to submit one PDF file, which will include all their entries to this section with one composition per page. The solution may extend to more than one page if needed.

In sections E (helpmates) and G (fairies), composers must submit a separate file for each group E1 (helpmates in 2), E2 (helpmates in 2,5 and 3), E3 (helpmates in more than 3), G1 (fairies without fairy conditions) and G2 (fairies with fairy conditions).

The compositions must be in diagrams of uniform size, with the author’s name, publication data, any award, stipulation, full solution and a comment if desired. Algebraic notation is to be used. Entries not complying with these requirements will be rejected.

Compositions that receive 8 points or higher in the 2019-21 WCCI qualify for the FIDE album automatically, however they must also be submitted by the composers to the album in order to be published in it and count for points. If a problem qualifying from the WCCI is claimed cooked or anticipated, it should be reviewed by the Album judges too and be excluded, if confirmed defective. Then any Album points gained by the problem are subtracted, however if the composer had already been awarded a title based on these points then the title should not be taken away.

Attention! Compositions of the 11th WCCT should NOT be submitted to this album.

The closing date is June 1st, 2022.

The WFCC makes the following recommendations:

  • Cyrillic names of composers should be written in Cyrillic capital letters and preferably also transcribed into Latin letters.
  • The source of each composition should, if possible, include not only the magazine and year of publication but also the month or magazine number and/or the number of the composition. A reference to the award (issue of a printed magazine or a web link) should be also provided, if known.
  • In joint compositions the order of authors’ names should be written as in the original publication.
  • If a correction or version (v) is submitted, then the exact date and source of publication of the version should be indicated.
  • Position should be also given in FEN notation.
  • WinChloe ID should be given if the composer knows it.
  • Computer-tested compositions should be indicated by the symbol C+. In section G, authors should also indicate the testing program and its version.
  • In compositions with the Anticirce condition (and similar variations), the author should specify if Cheylan or Calvet type is used (Calvet is considered as default).

Directors and judges

A) Twomovers
Director: Udo Degener (GER),

Judges: Marco Guida (ITA), Vasil Markovtsy (UKR), Pavel Murashev (RUS)

B) Threemovers
Director: Igor Agapov (RUS),

Judges: Miodrag Mladenović (SRB), Valery Shavyrin (RUS), Viktor Volchek (BLR)

C) Moremovers
Director: Aleksandr Kuzovkov (RUS),

Judges: Valery Kirillov (RUS), Ralf Krätschmer (GER), Mikhail Marandyuk (UKR)

D) Endgame Studies
Director: Martin Minski (GER),

Judges: Branislav Djurašević (SRB), Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (DEN), Árpád Rusz (ROU)

E) Helpmates

Director: Harry Fougiaxis (GRE),

Helpmates in 2 moves
Judges: János Csák (HUN), Vitaly Medintsev (RUS), Francesco Simoni (ITA)

Helpmates in 2.5 and 3 moves

Judges: Ofer Comay (ISR), Christopher Jones (GBR), Valery Semenenko (UKR)

Helpmates longer than 3 moves

Judges: Torsten Linß (GER), Aleksandr Semenenko (UKR), Boris Shorokhov (RUS)

F) Selfmates
Director: Jiří Jelínek (CZE),

Judges: Mikhail Khramtsevich (BLR), Valery Kopyl (UKR), Andrey Selivanov (RUS)

G) Fairies
Director: Éric Huber (ROU),

Fairies without fairy conditions

Judges: Václav Kotěšovec (CZE), Franz Pachl (GER), Jacques Rotenberg (ISR)

Fairies with fairy conditions

Judges: Thomas Maeder (SUI), Tadashi Wakashima (JAP), Kjell Widlert (SWE)

H) Retros
Director: Vlaicu Crișan (ROU),

Judges: Dmitrij Baibikov (ISR), Silvio Baier (GER), Henrik Juel (DEN)

Announcement as PDF | Instructions to directors and judges

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