15th ECSC Riga, Results

15th ECSC Riga, Latvia, 13.-15.05.2022

After three years we met again at the European Chess Solving Championship. The event in Riga brought back to the field many old friends, and we were also happy to welcome a number of new ones – almost a quarter of the participants were debutantes. Danila Pavlov convincingly defended his title (overall and among juniors), finishing well ahead of the second-placed Piotr Murdzia and the third-placed Tomáš Peitl. While the outcome of the individual competition was mostly certain already after the fifth round, the suspense in the team competition continued up to the last minute. In a spectacular finish, led by the young Ilija Serafimović, Serbia outran Lithuania as well as Slovakia, whose third team place was further accompanied by Marek Kolčák’s win in the senior competition. The women’s competition was won by the fifteen-year old Marina Putinceva.
/Ivan Denkovski, 15.ECSC director/

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12 teams and 61 individuals from 14 countries participated in the 15th ECSC.
The three top teams: Serbia, Lithuania, Slovakia
The three top individuals: Danila Pavlov (FIDE), Piotr Murdzia (Poland),  Tomáš Peitl (Slovakia)

Team winners: T.Peitl, M.Kolčak, O.Mihalčo, R.Dobiáš (Slovakia, 3rd place), B.Vučković, I.Serafimović, M.Kovačević, S.Radović (Serbia, 1st place), S.Steponavičius, D.Chocenka, V.Satkus, M.Limontas (Lithuania, 2nd place)
Teams, 2nd place – Lithuania:
S.Steponavičius, V.Satkus, D.Chocenka, M.Limontas
Individuals: I.Denkovski (judge), P.Murdzia (POL, 2nd place), D.Pavlov (FIDE, 1st place), T.Peitl (SVK, 3rd place)
Juniors: I.Denkovski (judge), I.Serafimović (SRB, 2nd place), D.Pavlov (FIDE, 1st place), E.Tabors (LAT, 3rd place)
Teams, the winner – Serbia:
S.Radović, I.Serafimović, M.Kovačević,B.Vučković
Seniors: I.Denkovski (judge), M.Caillaud (FRA, 3rd place), M.Kolčak (SVK, 1st place), M.Erenburg (ISR, 2nd place)
Women: L.Rogule (LAT, 2nd place), M.Putintseva (FIDE, 1st place), D.Bucur (ROU, 3rd place)

Tournaments in the frames of 15.ECSC event

Open Solving: RESULTS | Problems | Solutions

Add-a-Piece solving tournament: RESULTS | Problems | Solutions

Add-a-Year composing tournament, Award by Marjan Kovačević

JF10JT composing tournament, Award by Kjell Widlert

Open: A.Gajevskis (judge), D.Hodge (GBR, 3rd place), D.Pavlov (FIDE, 1st place), B.Vučković (SRB, 2nd place)
Add-a-Year: S.Radović (3rd Pr.), M.Erenburg (1st HM), I.Serafimović (1st Pr.), H.Uitenbroek (5th Pr.), Ž., Ž.Šušulić (2nd HM), M.Kovačević (judge)
Add-a-Piece: M.Koziorowicz (POL, 2nd place), B.Tummes (GER, 1st place), K.Kuznecovas (LTU, 3rd place)
JF10JT: M.Kovačević (1st Pr. – Sec.A), S.Radović (2nd Pr. – Sec.B), M.Caillaud (1st Pr. – Sec.B), V.Crişan (3rd Pr. – Sec.C), H.Uitenbroek (1st Pr. – Sec.C), I.Serafimović (2nd Comm – Sec.B), K.Widlert (judge)

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