13th ECSC Riga, Results

13th ECSC
 Riga, Latvia, 12.-14.05.2017



European Chess Solving Championship

Organized by the The Latvian Society for Chess Composition, in co-operation with the Riga Chess Federation, the 13th ECSC took place in the Radisson Blu Daugava hotel, on the bank of the Daugava river. The main competition proved again the dominance of Polish solvers, whose team was accompanied by those of Serbia and Russia. Winners of individual medals were the same as in the WCSC 2016, but this time Piotr Murdzia and Kacper Piorun from Poland exchanged places, ahead of Marjan Kovačević from Serbia. Placement of juniors U23 announced the future might belong to new Russian talents: Danila Pavlov, Aleksey Popov and Svetlana Tishova. The ECSC director Luc Palmans carefully prepared a selection of high quality problems with clear contents, assuring the participants to have the essential pleasure of solving, not only a hard work.

15 teams and 68 individuals participated in the 13th ECSC.
The three top teams: Poland, Serbia, Russia
The three top individuals: Piotr Murdzia (Poland), Kacper Piorun (Poland), Marjan Kovačević (Serbia).

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13th ECSC teams: Anatoly Mukoseev, Evgeny Viktorov, Dmitry Pletnev, Danila Pavlov (Russia, 3rd place); Piotr Murdzia, Aleksander Miśta, Kacper Piorun,
Piotr Górski (Poland, 1st place); Bojan Vučković, Vladimir Podinić, Miodrag Mladenović, Marjan Kovačević (Serbia, 2nd place);
Luc Palmans (the director), Harry Fougiaxis (the president of WFCC)

Anatoly Mukoseev, Evgeny Viktorov,  Danila Pavlov, Dmitry Pletnev (Russia, 3rd place)

Piotr Murdzia, Aleksander Miśta, Kacper Piorun, Piotr Górski (Poland, 1st place)

Bojan Vučković, Vladimir Podinić, Miodrag Mladenović, Marjan Kovačević (Serbia, 2nd place)

13th ECSC Individuals: Kacper Piorun (Poland, 2nd place),
Piotr Murdzia (Poland, 1st place), Marjan Kovačević (Serbia, 3rd place).

13th ECSC Juniors, Russia: Aleksey Popov (2nd place),
Danila Pavlov (1st place), Svetlana Tishova (3rd place)


13th ECSC Seniors: Valery Kopyl (Russia, 3rd place), Jonathan Mestel (Great Britain, 2nd place), Marjan Kovačević (Serbia, 1st place)

13th ECSC Women: Zadorožnaja Olita (Latvia, 3rd place),
Svetlana Tishova (Russia, 1st place)

Luc Palmans (the director), Julia Vysotska (the organizer),
Harry Fougiaxis (the president of WFCC)

Paulus van Rooijen (the director’s assistant), Iļja Ketris (the organizer),
Luc Palmans (the director)

13th ECSC cups and medals

Open Solving

63 solvers from 16 countries participated. The director of the competition Vidmantas Satkus (Lithuania).
The three top solvers:

  1. Bojan Vučković (Serbia)
  2. Kacper Piorun (Poland)
  3. Boris Tummes (Germany)

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The director with the winners: Vidmantas Satkus, Kacper Piorun, Boris Tummes

The director with the 1st prize winner

Solving Show


The director with the winners: Vidmantas Satkus, Kacper Piorun,
Aleksandr Bulavka, Andrey Selivanov

Was run by Vidmantas Satkus, according to the system he proposed in Vilnius ECSC 2013 (Swiss system, 9 rounds, each round consisting of 1 #2, 1 h#2 and 1 s#2, solving time 2 minutes for each problem).

26 participants.

The three top solvers:

  1. Aleksandr Bulavka (Belarus)
  2. Kacper Piorun (Poland)
  3. Andrey Selivanov (Russia)

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Baltic Combined


The winners: Marko Klasinc, Aleksandr Bulavka, Miodrag Mladenović

The novelty of Riga ECSC, suggested and realized by Ilja Ketris (Latvia), one of the organizers. Ten participants entered their own original problems, following the given thematic condition, and later solved the problems prepared by their rivals.

The top three places:

  1. Aleksandr Bulavka (Belarus)
  2. Miodrag Mladenović (Serbia)
  3. Marko Klasinc (Slovenia).

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Organizers & winners: Piotr Murdzia, Julija Tolstikova,
Marjan Kovačević, Julia Vysotska

Riga view from the event’s place

Photos by Oleg Jelmanov

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