World Champions in Chess Composition

World Champions
in Chess Composition 1989-91

In Pula 1997 the Permanent Commission for Chess Compositions (PCCC) decided to establish the title of World Champion for Composers. In the beginning the title was based on problems and studies in the most recent FIDE-Album 1989-91. The Album contained eight (8) sections and the most successful composers in each section were as follows:


A Twomovers

Anatoly Slesarenko 17,17

Valery Shanshin 13,17

Udo Degener 12,33

E Helpmates

Živko Janevski 24

Fadil Abdurahmanović 22

Toma Garai 15

B Threemovers

Michael Keller 10

Aleksandr Kuzovkov 8,5

Marek Kwiatkowski 8

F Selfmates

Petko Petkov 20

Jacob Mintz 5,5

Živko Janevski & Waldemar Tura 5

C Moremovers

Yakov Vladimirov 14

Alois Johandl 10

Camillo Gamnitzer 5

G Fairy chess

George Sphicas 11

Yves Cheylan 10

Michel Caillaud 9,5

D Studies

David Gurgenidze 11,83

Nikolaï Ryabinin 11,00

Oleg Pervakov 10,50

H Retro & mathematical

Aleksandr Kislyak 6

Wolfgang Dittmann 3,5

Thierry le Gleuher & Nikita Plaksin 3


In St. Petersburg 1998 the first of each section was announced World Champion.


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