World Solving Cup 2021/2022 – Warsaw 05./06.02.2022

45th International Polish Championship 2022 | 2nd tournament of World Solving Cup 2021/2022:
Participants: 15 | Winner: Piotr Murdzia (POL – Polish Champion) ahead of Kacper Piorun (POL) and Stasys Steponavičius (LTU)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2350.64 | WSC category: 6
Top 5 World Solving Cup: 1. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 23 points, 2. Stasys Steponavičius (LTU) 20 points, 3. Kacper Piorun (POL) 19 points, 4. Danila Pavlov (RUS) 19 points, 5. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 18

More details in Competitions → Solving → World Solving Cup (WSC) → 2021/22 Calendar.

18.ISC: first results

The preliminary results of the 18th ISC: We had 44 tournaments in 20 countries. In Category-1  94 solvers ; Category-2  166 solvers ; Category-3  323 solvers (+14 unofficial because solvers were too old for cat-3) – together 583 solvers.

In Category-1 already nearly 90% of the results are confirmed. Still the scanned sheets from several countries are missing.

All results will be updated in MatPlus every evening – see

Best wishes,
Axel Steinbrink, Luc Palmans
Central controllers ISC 2022

WCCI 2019-2021: Entries completed

wfcc-logoWCCI 2019-21 attracted a bit more than 250 composers with 2600+ compositions. Participants should check the list of entries on the Entries page and report comments to the director, Valery Kopyl (email: and to the webmaster (email:

The Entries to the 2019-21 WCCI can be found from the TOP EVENTS menu on the right and on the Competitions/Composing page, WCCI section:

Director of WCCI greets all participants and expresses his gratitude for the entries presented and proper reaction and assistance in working process.

15th European Chess Solving Championship

Latvian Chess Problem Society, in co-operation with the Latvian Chess Federation, has the honor of inviting the European national teams and individual solvers to participate in the 15th European Chess Solving Championship. The event will be held from Friday, May 13th to Sunday May 15th, 2022, at the Islande Hotel, in Riga.

Directors of the competitions: ECSC: Ivan Denkovski (North Macedonia), Open solving: Antons Gajevskis (Latvia), Solving-Composing tournament: Marjan Kovačević (SRB).

Please, register by 15th April 2022 at the  ECSC 2022 Official website. See you in Riga!

WCCI 2019-2021: Entries

wfcc-logoThe Entries to the 2019-21 WCCI can be found from the Competitions/Composing page, WCCI section:

The update is planned to happen weekly. Please, be patient, we have a lot of manual work here, and if any links are broken, write directly to The questions about the content of the entries or any other questions related to the current WCCI should be sent to the tourney director, Valery Kopyl (email:

Solvers’ ratings January 1st 2022

Solvers’ ratings as of January 1st 2022 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published! 16 tournaments of the 4th quarter 2021 are included: Open of Championship of Tula Region 2021, Championship of Tula Region 2021, WCCC Open Solving 2021, 44th World Chess Solving Championship 2021, 2nd Branko Babic Memorial 2021, Tula Championship for boys and girls 2021, 26th Dutch Solving Championship 2021, Solving Championship of CFO 2021 U15+U17+U19, Open Solving Tula Region, 36th Swiss Solving Championship 2021, 3rd Pavle Orlov Memorial, 42nd Finnish Championship 2021, Solving tournament of CFD Team Championship, Moscow Youth Championship 2021 U15-19. Brazilian Christmas Solving Tournament, Solving Cup of Tula region.
The top ten remain the same solvers as in the previous quarter. But World Champion 2021 Danila Pavlov has surpassed Piotr Murdzia from place 4 to 3 and Eddy Van Beers has gained two places from 9 to 7.
The largest two gains have again been achieved by juniors: Andrii Sergiienko (UKR / +121.74) and Ilija Serafimović (SRB / +98.15). They are followed by 
David Hodge (GBR / +96.54), Aleksey Kainov (RUS / +82.40) and Bogdan Zolotov (RUS / +74.29).

11th WCCT: Claims

The claims of the 11th WCCT are published on the page of the tournament.
Introduction | Section A | Section B | Section C | Section D | Section E | Section F | Section G | Section H | The whole document

Important notes:
1. The claims concern only formal soundness, comparison problems and misprints. Claims regarding thematic contents and quality of expression or construction were not allowed in this phase of the tournament. After consultation with the spokesman of the WCCT committee, matters related to conventions were also left to the opinion and evaluation of the judging countries.
2. Replies to claims should be sent to the tournament director Harry Fougiaxis by March 1st, 2022.
3. Only the appointed national team leaders may send replies.
4. The judging countries should start the judgment process immediately, in order to save time. The  judgments should be received no later than June 1st, 2022.
My warm wishes for 2022, hopefully free of viruses and restrictions! – Harry Fougiaxis

Update of 06.01.2022: The PDF files of the introduction, section D, section E and of the whole document have been updated with a few additional comments. Please download the files again!

Update of 14.01.2022: The PDF files of section H and of the whole document have been updated with the notification that H29 is cooked. Please download the files again!

Limontas Online Solving Tournaments (LOST)

Arvydas Mockus has announced a new series including 6 rounds of Limontas Online Solving Tournaments called “L.O.S.T.” with the first round on 9 January 2022. Each round will start on a Sunday at 10:00 CET and will last 108 minutes. Rounds will have one solving category only – each round with one of the 6 categories of the WCSC.
Like the previous ones the tournament will be directed by Arvydas Mockus and it is mainly organised for strong solvers with a rating of more than 2200. More information including the registration’s procedure -> see the invitation in PDF.

WCCI 2019-2021: Announcement

wfcc-logoThe WFCC is inviting composers of all countries to participate in the 2019-21 WCCI. The tourney director is Valery Kopyl (email: The competition will be held according to the system used in the previous championship, with changes in point 9 of the rules.

Update (14.12.2021): The changes in the announcement appear in red colour.

Participants may submit their entries by January 20, 2022. Details can be found in the announcement.