Solution to the 4-mover

Solution to the 4-mover

Michail Marandyuk & Valentin Rudenko

7th WCCT 2001-2004

1st place in section C (moremovers)

4 #             

    The theme in section C was: "Direct-mates in 4 or more moves in which
    a white piece vacates square X to allow another white piece to occupy that same
    square X at least 2 moves later (i.e. White must wait at least one move after
    the vacation of square X before he occupies it by another piece). Pawn(s) may
    be used as the thematic piece(s)"


    1.Kg4! (2.De5+! Lxe5 3.Sg5+ Kd5 4.Tc5#)
    1.- Sc6 2.Dd5+! Kxd5 3.Lc4+ Ke4 4.Sc5#
    1.- Sd5 2.Dxd4+! Kxd4 3.Tc4+ Ke3 4.Lc5#
    (1.- Tc6 2.Dxc6+! Sxc6 3.Sc5+ Kd5 4.Lc4#)

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