Study of the Year 2008

Study of the Year 2008


The Study of the Year award for 2008 has been granted by the PCCC (Permanent Commission
for Chess Composition) to the following study.

Velimir Kalandadze
1st Special Prize Nona JT, 2008

White to play and win

1. Qf4+ Ke6(Ke7) 2. Qf7+ Kxf7 3. d8=S+ Kf6+ 4. Sxb7 Ke5 5. Kg6 Kd4 6. Kf5 Kc3
7. Ke4 Kb2 8. Kd3 Kxa2 9. Kc2 Ka1 10. Sc5 Ka2 11. Sd3 Ka1 12. Sc1 a2 13. Sb3#

Studies sub-committee
Rio de Janeiro, 2009
John Roycroft
, acting speaker


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