Relations with FIDE

Relations with FIDE


In response to several queries about the latest developments related to the
status of the PCCC we submit the following information:

Lately, we received a message from the FIDE Secretariat saying that after restructuring
their commissions the FIDE reached the conclusion that the PCCC should be regarded
as independent organization. In this status, FIDE would like to see us continue
our work much as before and would be willing to accept us as affiliated organization,
like the Correspondence Chess Federation and several others. Our activity and
titles would still be recognized by FIDE.

The PCCC Presidium will meet shortly to discuss the new developments and come
back with an effective resolution that would keep the interests of chess composition
intact. We are well aware of the dangers and pitfalls that may lie ahead, but
we strongly believe in the ability of our organization to overcome any difficulty
imposed on us from any direction.

Uri Avner
PCCC President


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