PCCC meeting 1999

PCCC meeting 1999



42nd Meeting of the Permanent Commission 
of the FIDE for Chess Compositions 
in Netanya (Israel) 23.-30.10.1999

    28 member countries were present.

    President Bedrich Formanek (Slovakia), secretary
    Günter Büsing (Germany).

    Decisions concerning the title of World Championship
    in Composing for Individuals (WCCI):

    • WCCI is organized by the PCCC in 8 sections (the
      same as in FIDE Albums).
    • There are three judges in each group, who cannot
      participate as competitors.
    • Only published problems from a 3-years period can
      participate. Every author can send at most 6 compositions in each group
      and 4 best of them count for the final score. Joint problems are not allowed.
      A world champion becomes a composer with the highest sum of his best four
    • Details will be discussed in Pula 2000.

    FIDE-Album 1992-94 is supposed to appear next autumn.

    New titles:

      Honorary Master of Problem Chess: Giorgio
      Mirri (Italy), Slavo Zlatic (Croatia)

      International Solving Grandmaster: Jorma
      Paavilainen (Finland)

      International Solving Master: Piotr Murdzia
      (Poland), Boris Tummes (Germany)

      FIDE Solving Master: Michal Dragoun (Czechia),
      Marek Kolcak (Slovakia)

      International Judge: Viktor Barsukov (Russia,
      h#), Paz Einat (Israel, 2# and 3#), Thomas Maeder (Switzerland, h# and
      fairies), Markus Manhart (Germany, h# and fairies), Michael McDowell (Great
      Britain, h#), Anatoli Slesarenko (Russia, 2#)

    Next meetings :

    • 2000 Pula, Croatia
    • 2001 Wageningen, Holland
    • 2002 Slovenia ?

to Netanya

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