Internet Composing Tourney: Netanya 1999

Internet Composing Tourney: Netanya 1999



Netanya 1999

    1. Prize Harri Hurme

    2. Prize Marjan Kovacevic

    3. Prize Miodrag Mladenovic

    4. Prize Marjan Kovacevic

    5. Prize Vasyl Dyachuk & V. Kopyl

    6. Prize Marjan Kovacevic

    7. Prize Uri Avner

    8. Prize Milan Velimirovic

    1. Hon. mention Marjan Kovacevic

    2. Hon. mention Uri Avner

    3. Hon. mention Milan Velimirovic

    4. Hon. mention Anatoly Slesarenko

    5. Hon. mention Janez Nastran

    6. Hon. mention Marjan Kovacevic

    7. Hon. mention Marjan Kovacevic

    8. Hon. mention Vasyl Dyachuk

    1. Comm. Uri Avner

    2. Comm. Milan Velimirovic

    3. Comm. Miroslav Subotic

    4. Comm. Srecko Radovic

    5. Comm. Emanuel Navon

    6. Comm. Piltschenko, Selivanov, Schawirin

    7. Comm. Anatoly Slesarenko

    8. Comm. Aaron Hirschenson

    9. Comm. Unto Heinonen

    10. Comm. Vasyl Dyachuk & V. Kopyl

    11. Comm. Vasyl Dyachuk & V. Kopyl


An orthodox twomover is required, where a thematic
try has one threat and two black refutations. These refutations reappear
in the solution as black defences. The first defence allows the try’s key
as mate (Vladimirov effect) while the second defence allows the try’s threat
as mate (Dombrovskis effect).


    Try: 1.A? threatens 2.B#

    Black refutations: 1…a! and 1…b!

    Solution: 1.X! (threat or zugzwang)

    1…a 2.A#

    1…b 2.B#

Judge: Paz Einat

42nd World Congress
of Chess Composition in
Netanya 1999

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