FIDE Album 2001-2003 corrections

FIDE Album 2001-2003 corrections

FIDE Album 2001–2003

page 81, B22: missing year is 2003
page 95, B63: in the solution add Uri Avner to the composers
page 122, B144: = 2. Prix
page 173, C104: cook (#8) 1.Bg5

page 193, D6: misprinted diagram (probably bBe2)
page 196, D13: bQc8–>d8
page 196, D15: +bRb4 (5+4)
page 308, E236: no chameleon echo model mates
page 309, E239: -bpa4 (4+7) is C+ (original was cooked)
page 312, E247: moves of WQ (not WK) forming shape of cross
page 360, F12: Daniel Papack is co-author
page 364, F26: points 3,5+4+4=11,5
page 424, F193: cook 9.Dc6 Dg1 10.Dd7 Df1 11.e6 Dg1 12.e8D s#18, correction
page 474, G102: Dieter Müller is co-author
page 487, G136: the source is Thema Danicum 2003, 1. Prize
page 503, G177: In all the 4 phases the right mating-move is 2.0-0 C Qh2#

C100, C101, C102, C103, C105, C106, C109, C110, C111, C113, C114, C116, C118,
C120, F179-F183 are C+ (checked by Silvio Baier & Gustav 3.2d).
H50, H55 and H68 (~522 h) are C+ (checked by Silvio Baier & Euclide).


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