55th meeting of WFCC in Kobe

55th meeting of WFCC in Kobe

55th Meeting of the World Federation for Chess Composition
in Kobe, Japan
September 15 – 22, 2012

28 member countries were present.

President Harry Fougiaxis (Greece), secretary Günter Büsing

The next WCCI (World Championship in Composing for Individuals) 2010-12
will be announced soon. The director will be Mike Prcic. Entries which have
received at least 8 points are automatically included in the FIDE Album.

FIDE Album 2004-06 will be printed in Slovakia, editor Peter Gvozdjak.
FIDE Album 2007-09: All selections except fairies are ready. There will
be only English text and shorter indexes, so that the Album will be smaller
and cheaper.
FIDE Album 2010-12:
The announcement will be published in the beginning
of 2013. Deadline for entries is 1.7.2013. Directors and judges have been selected.
Electronic submission
of entries (pdf) will be required. The composers will
be allowed to submit in each section max. 30 entries/composer, or 3 times the
points they achieved in the last album that they had participated, whichever
is greater.

Individual solvers with a rankig of at least 2400 are allowed to participate
in future WCSC and ECSC tourneys. Some other small changes in the rules
were accepted.

New titles:

  • Grandmaster of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Evgeny Bogdanov (†,
    Ukraine), Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic), Valery Gurov (Russia), Peter Gvozdjak
    (Slovakia), Miroslav Havel (Koštál) (†, Czech Republic, from earlier
    results), Christopher Jones (Great Britain), Artur Mandler †, (Czech
    Republic, from earlier results), Mario Parrinello (Italy), Ivan Soroka (Ukraine)
  • International Master of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Igor Agapov
    (Russia), Pavel Arestov (Russia), Richard Becker (USA), Wolfgang Dittmann
    (Germany), Evgeny Fomichev (Russia), Michal Hlinka (Slovakia), Martin Hoffmann
    (Switzerland), Vladislav Nefyodov (Russia), Sergey Osintsev (Russia), Yakov
    Rossomakho (Russia), Ladislav Salai Jr. (Slovakia), Alexandr Semenenko (Ukraine),
    Dragan Stojnic (Serbia), Anatoly Vasilenko (Ukraine), Dieter Werner (Switzerland),
    Menachem Witztum (Israel), Sergey Zacharov (Russia), Roman Zalokotsky (Ukraine),
    Volker Zipf (Germany)
  • FIDE Master for Chess Compositions: Iuri Akobia (Georgia), Mirko
    Degenkolbe (Germany), Eduard Eilazyan (Ukraine), Mark Erenburg (Israel), Borislav
    Gadjanski (Serbia), Valery Kopyl (Ukraine), Gennady Kozyura (Ukraine), Piet
    le Grand (Netherlands), Vitaly Medintsev (Russia), Martin Minski (Germany),
    Emanuel Navon (Israel), Abdelaziz Onkoud (Morocco), Viktor Razumenko (Russia),
    Alexandr Sygurov (Russia), Harold van der Heijden (Netherlands), Vadim Vinokurov
  • Honorary Master of Chess Composition: Hermann Weissauer (Germany)
  • International Solving Master of the FIDE: Martynas Limontas (Lithuania)
  • International Judge of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Thomas Brand
    (Germany, retro, h#), Jose Antonio Coello Alonso (Spain, #2, #3), Diyan Kostadinov
    (Bulgaria, extension to fairies), Zoran Gavrilovski (Macedonia, extension
    to #2, #3, #n, s#), Hans Gruber (Germany, extension to #n), Vladislav Nefyodov
    (Russia, h#), Jaroslav Polasek (Czech Republic, studies), Christopher Reeves
    (Great Britain, #2), Darko Saljic (Serbia, #2)
  • FIDE Solving Judge: Pavel Kameník (Czech Republic), Marko
    Klasinc (Slovenia), Axel Steinbrink (Germany), Brian Stephenson (Great Britain)

56th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and World Chess Solving
Championship in Batumi, Georgia September 2013
9th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Vilnius, Lithuania
April 2013
9th International Solving Contest (ISC)
27.1.2013, director Axel Steinbrink


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