49th PCCC Wageningen

49th Meeting of the Permanent Commission  of the FIDE for Chess Compositions  in Wageningen (Netherlands) July 29 – August 5, 2006

31 member countries were present.

President John Rice (Great Britain), secretary Paul Valois (GB).

All sections for the FIDE-Album 1998-2000 are ready. Publication expected later in 2006. FIDE-Album tourney for 2004-2006 will be announced before the end of year 2006. The closing date will be in the end of summer 2007.

New titles:

  • Honorary Master of Chess Composition: Sir Jeremy Morse (GBR)
  • FIDE Master for Chess Compositions: Andrey Zhuravlev (RUS)
  • International Solving Master: Vladimir Podinić (SRB)
  • FIDE Solving Master: Johan de Boer (NED), Aleksej Lebedev (RUS), Vladimir Lipovski (RUS), Joose Norri (FIN), Jacek Stopa (POL), Bojan Vučković (SRB)

World Championship in Composing for Individuals 2004-2006: Director is Zvonimir Hernitz (CRO), announcement in the beginning of October.

Titles and norms for solvers will be based on ratings in the future. Links to new rules on the solving page.

Small amendments in the Codex were formulated and will be decided next year.


Presidium for 2006-2010:

Presidium 2nd Vice-President Marko Klasinc (Slovenia), 1st Vice-President Hannu Harkola (Finland), President Uri Avner (Israel), 3rd Vice-President Kjell Widlert (Sweden)

Uri Avner (Israel) was elected as the new President.

John Rice was nominated as an Honorary President and Byron Zappas (Greece) as an Honorary Member.

Next World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) in Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria in September 2007.
2nd European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Warsaw, Poland, 11.-12.11.2006
3rd International Solving Contest (ISC) 21.1.2007
3rd European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Pardubice, Czech Republic, 14.-15.7.2007


PCCC Delegates
Helmut Zajic Austria
A. Mikholap Belarus

Luc Palmans Belgium

Petko Petkov Bulgaria
Zvonimir Hernitz Croatia
Michal Dragoun Czech Rep.
Bjørn Enemark Denmark
Indrek Aunver Estonia
Hannu Harkola Finland
Michel Caillaud France
David Gurgenidze Georgia
bernd ellinghoven Germany
John Rice Great Britain
Harry Fougiaxis Greece
Zoltán Laborczi Hungary
Uri Avner Israel
Francesco Simoni Italy
T. Wakashima Japan
Ilja Ketris Latvia
Vidmantas Satkus Lithuania
Henk le Grand Netherlands
Tadeusz Lehmann Poland
Dinu-Ioan Nicula Romania
Andrei Selivanov Russia
Marjan Kovačević Serbia
Bedrich Formánek Slovakia
Marko Klasinc Slovenia

Kjell Widlert Sweden

Thomas Maeder Switzerland
Yevgen Reitsen Ukraine
Mike Prcic USA


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