PCCC Agenda 2008

PCCC Agenda 2008

51st Meeting, Jurmala, 30 August – 6 September, 2008


For the first session:

1. Opening address

2. Tributes

3. Verification of attendance and voting rights

4. Approval of the Minutes of the 50th meeting (Rhodes, 2007)

5. Membership of the standing sub-committees:

3. Solving
4. FIDE Albums
5. Qualifications
6. Computer matters
7. Studies
8. Codex
9. Judging
10. Terminology

6. Proposals and business carried forward:

1. A revised system for FIDE Album selection (Avner)
2. Composers submitting large number of entries for FIDE Album (Avner)
3. Inclusion of WCCI entries in the FIDE-Albums (Wenda, Zajic)
4. Harmonisation of WCSC and ECSC rules (Piliczewski)
5. Doping control in PCCC solving competitions (Satkus)
6. Objection to granting international master norm to a certain solver (Piliczewski)
7. A new membership category: associate PCCC member-country (Rice)
8. Modification and Clarification of Article 16 of the Codex (ellinghoven)
9. New formulation of chapter 8 of the WCCI rules (Harkola)
10. Removal of paragraph 1(2) in the Statutes (Avner)
11. A multifocal proposal (Kovacevic)

7. Sub-committees:

1. Report on the International Solving Contest, 2008/2009 (Axel Steinbrink)
2. European Chess Solving Championship in Antalya 2008; future ECSCs
3. Retro section judgment, FIDE Album 2001-03 – conclusion
4. Outline of business for the week from each spokesman
4. Timetable for meetings

8. World Chess Solving Championship 2008: introductory announcements

9. Future meetings of PCCC and future WCSC (Turkish application, other?)

10. Review of the year 2007-8 (with contributions from Delegates)

11. Any other business

For subsequent sessions:

· Report by the spokesman of each sub-committee on business covered
· Discussion of proposals and business listed above
· Report by the Director of the WCSC and spokesman of sub-committee
· Proposals by the Qualifications sub-committee re new titles
· General topics: WCCC requirements; Funding, FIDE
· Decision regarding future meetings
· Any other business
· Closing summary and vote of thanks


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