8th WCCT – Q & A 5

8th WCCT – Q & A 5

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Questions and Answers 5

Section C

Is a switchback of a promoted piece to a square where the pawn (before
its promotion) has been (e.g. 2.c7-c8=Q … 4.Qc7) considered thematic?
Reply: Yes, it is.

Section D


White: Rc2 Rf5; Black: Qd8
Is the sequence 1…Qd3 2.Rd5/Rf3 thematic?
Reply: Nothing in the theme definition formally forbids this sequence
from being thematic; but there is a certain risk involved here, in that the
judges might perceive the "sacrifice" of an already attacked piece as somewhat
contrary to the spirit of the theme.

Section E

Is DUPLEX permitted (considering that the announcement says that all kinds
of twins are permitted)?
Reply: Yes, Duplex is permitted.

Section G

Is it possible to have more orthodox pieces on the diagram than the pieces
"in the box", e.g. 2 white Queens, 3 black Rooks etc.?
Reply: Yes, the number of orthodox as well as fairy pieces, is unrestricted.
Full freedom is allowed in this respect, e.g. the number of pawns for each
side may exceed 8.

May the number of pieces for each side exceed 16?
Reply: Yes, it may.

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