8th WCCT – Q & A 3

8th WCCT – Q & A 3

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Questions and Answers 3

Section A

In example 4, the thematic variations appearing in the real solution already
exist in set play (it is the only example like this). Is it allowed? The theme
definition says nothing on that.

Reply: Yes, it is allowed.

Section D


White: Re8, Sd1 / Black: Sf6, Sf4, Be2

1) Is the move 1.Re4, thematic?

Reply: This move puts Re4 under attack in a position where Sd1 is also being
attacked, so it would be thematic in one condition: it must have occurred
immediately after the black attack of Sd1.

2) If 1.Re4:

2a) is it thematic even if it is the first move in the study?

Reply: No it isn’t. In this case, there is no way to prove that it has
instantaneously followed the attack of Sd1.

2b) if it is the first move in the study, does it reduce the value of
the study?

Reply: See 2a.

Rules and Regulations

Question: Is it permissible to ask someone from another country to give
advice, assistance or recommendations, for example about anticipations?

Reply: No. The WCCT is a tourney for national teams. A request of this kind
would be contrary to the spirit of the event.

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