8th WCCT – Q & A 2

8th WCCT – Q & A 2

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Questions and Answers 2

Section A


White: Sg4; Black: Kc4; Rh5; Bf4; Pe3, Ph6.
Variations (in real solution):
1…B~ 2.Sxe3#
1…Bg5 2.Se5#
In the framework of the #2 theme, is the play above thematic? In other words,
is the move 1…Bg5 regarded as Correction?

Reply: Yes, it is a correction. One of the examples is of the same kind.

Section D

a) In the position:

White: Be3 Sd4; Black: Kb8 Rd5 – is the sequence 1.Bf4+ Ka7 2.Bd6 thematic?

Reply: This sequence is not thematic, since the first piece to be attacked
must become attacked (and/or unprotected if necessary) by the move of a piece
of the opposite camp. In the example above, the attack of Sd4 is caused by
the move of a friendly piece.

b) In the position:

White: Ba7 Sc4 Sd4; Black: Ka8 Rd5 – is the sequence 1…Kxa7 2.Sd6 thematic?

Reply: Yes, it is.

c) In the position:

White: Kh2 Qa4; Black: Bd8 Se3 – is 1.Qf4 Bc7 thematic?

Reply: No, it is not. 1…Bc7 renders 2.Qxd3 illegal, and so only one black
piece is attacked instead of the required two.

d) In the position:

White: Kh6 Se5 Pd7; Black: Ka1 Rd2 – is the play 1…Rd5 2.d8Q thematic? A
pawn has been moving but a queen is en-prise…

Reply: Yes, this is thematic.


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