8th WCCT – Q & A 1

8th WCCT – Q & A 1

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Questions and Answers 1

Section D

a) In example 4 (Sobolevski), after 2.Rd6 Rb5 the hypothetical move 3.Rb6(?)
would be thematic?

Reply: No.

b) In position w. Bc5 Sd4 – b. Rd8 after 1…Rd5 (Bc5 en-prise) the move
2.Sf5 is thematic?

Reply: Yes.

c) In position w. Bc5 Sb3 Sg4 – b. Re5 after 1…Rg5 (Sg4 en-prise) the
move 2.Sd2 (Bc5 en-prise) is thematic?
Reply: Yes.

Section G

Is there a limit on the number of fairy pieces on the diagram? Is this
number connected in any way to the number of pawns?

Reply: No limitation is imposed on the number of fairy pieces. This number
has no connection to the number of pawns. No proof-game is needed.


Your attention is turned to the following updates (see theme
Theme C: Two new examples are added.
Theme E: The definition is changed (a) to clarify that the mate occurs on
the vacated square, and (b) to exclude the black King as thematic vacating-piece.

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