Solvers’ ratings April 1st 2017

Solvers’ ratings as of April 1st 2017 are published! 7 tournaments included: 4th Greek Chess Solving Cup; 13th International Solving Contest Cat 1; British Chess Solving Championship 2017; Finnish Championship 2017; International Polish Championship; 23rd Dutch Open Chess Solving Championship 2017; Greek Chess Solving Championship 2017. Three top solvers are: Georgy Evseev, Andrey Zhuravlev and Piotr Murdzia.

Other rated solving tournaments – 2017

As of 2016 also all tournaments which are included in the rating list but are not provided by the WFCC and are not part of the World Solving Cup will be published with results, problems and solutions. The page for 2017 has been created and the first tournament of the year is published there.
See Competitions→Solving→Other rated solving tournaments: 2017 Calendar.