Rules for writing solutions

Solutions and scoring points

Each solution brings a maximum of 5 points. An incomplete solution may bring less than 5 points.

For the maximal number of points in direct problems (in 2, 3 or moves), all moves should be written except the last moves of Black and White (mating moves).

1) In a mate in 2 moves it’s enough to write only the correct 1st move of White to get 5 points. If a solver indicates more than 1 solution, an incorrect solution leads to 0 points for the respective problem.

2-3) In a mate in 3 or more moves, the 1st move of White and all further moves that lead to different White continuations of the full length are to be written. 

If any White move before the penultimate one contains a full-length threat (the next move to be played in a case of irrelevant move by Black), it should be written. Next, the solver should write all Black defences against the threat and the respective replies by White. 

If there is no threat at all (zugzwang) or an existing threat of full length is not written, all variations of full length (not the shorter ones) are to be given.

4) In studies, all moves of the main line up to an obvious win or draw are counted for the maximum of 5 points. Only the main line (not the side-variations) counts for points. 

5) In a Selfmate, White plays first, and the task is to compel Black to mate the white king in the dictated number of moves. The scoring is similar to that in direct problems, with the difference that all moves of White (including threats) in the full-length variations are to be written, only the mating moves (made by Black) are not needed. 

6) In a Helpmate, Black plays first and both sides cooperate to get back King checkmated in the stipulated number of moves. All the moves of Black and White are to be written, including the mating moves made by White. Helpmates may have 2 or more different solutions, and each solution scores to complete the maximal 5 points. The number of points for each solution is written below the diagram.

During the solving a solver may leave the solving room only with a permission of the Director and accompanied by a controller. After handing in the solving sheet, the solver has no right to make any change to the solutions. He should leave the room and may not return until the round is ended.

The Director announces 10 minutes left and the last minute in each round. After the last minute was announced all solvers remain sitting to the end of the round. When the end is declared they stop writing and wait until the controllers collect all the solving sheets.

The number of points determines the ranking. In the event of a tie on points, the solver with the shorter total solving time will be ranked higher.

Participants will be informed of the official solutions with a distribution of points of a round immediately after the end of that round. 

Protests against any announcement must reach the Director in written form not later than one hour after this announcement.